Best Luxury Dark Chocolates in India - Schmitten Luxury Chocolates

Priyanka's undying love for Schmitten
Luxury Dark Chocolate

A delicious chocolate that will make you go to any lengths to keep it to yourself. It is a special treat which wraps you in luxury.
So, come and lose yourself
in a heavenly experience meant just for you.

Schmitten & Hoppits Chocolates TVC

An exotic unmatched taste paired with heavenly indulgence that you'd love to lose yourself in. A chocolate that's crafted for you & you alone.

Top Chocolate Brand in India

Every Schmitten is designed to exceed expectations. It takes a rigorous system, the choicest of ingredients and the perfect technical skill to create your Schmitten. Discover a delight, a fantasy every time you bite into your very own Schmitten.